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You can prove your expertise via skills analysis. Credit: Picture alliance/dpa/B.Classen
A migrant woman in Crotone, Calabria (southern Italy). Photo: ANSA file picture
A mother and her two children walking by policemen in Tunis. PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA


Ulrith and his Bayonne host family. Photo: Rémi Carlier for InfoMigrants
Screenshot from Video: Meeting Nezam, an Afghan voluntary returnee | Source: DW
©REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed | Refugees at Zaatari camp in January 2018


A general view of the European parliament in Brussels. PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA/STEPHANIE LECOCQ
Croatian border policemen at Maljevac border crossing with Bosnia as a group of migrants attempt to cross into Croatia. PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA/FEHIM DEMIR
The logo of the 'Global Estimates on International Migrant Workers' study by ILO. Credit: ILO

Understanding Europe

Detention of asylum seekers is to be used as a 'last resort', according to European law
The "Refugee Employment Info" guide answers dozens of questions and includes graphics and images for easy reading and understanding. Credit: Benjamin Loyseau for Action Emploi Réfugiés
Refugees waiting for registration in Berlin | Photo: Imago/IPON

The European Union

Migration numbers Relocation in 2015
Find out more about the European Union
Salem, an Eritrean relocated from Italy to Portugal