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People who leave Germany voluntarily will receive additional financial aid until February 2018
Attempts to claim a wrong country of origin are usually futile - Immigration agents are trained in tracing your origins
Migrants who escaped from illegal prisons in Bani Walid. A trafficker counts his money. A bus ticket used by our Observer.


A migrant cuts up fabric from a life jacket in the Safe Passage Bags workshop, in Lesbos. The second image shows a finished bag. (Photos: Janusz Ratecki)
Amran's story: a Libyan refugee in Serbia
A total of 20 migrants were found murdered in the Baluchistan province in recent weeks


Spanish Migrant detention center
Smugglers in Libya
MEDU activities in the migrant center at Rome's Tiburtina train station Credit: MEDU

Understanding Europe

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Fact check: Risks of illegal employment
Asylum seekers can apply for internships at Telekom even during the asylum application procedure

The European Union

Migration numbers Relocation in 2015
Find out more about the European Union
Salem, an Eritrean relocated from Italy to Portugal