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Many of the people whose asylum requests are rejected by the federal migration office are allowed to stay in Germany temporarily
Trailer for #MessageBackHome
elefono Azzurro president Ernesto Caffo, at a conference on protecting unaccompanied migrant children. Credit: ANSA/CLAUDIO PERI


Deportations to Afghanistan
Emmanuel Macron and Gérard Collomb. (Photo: Reuters)
An  x-ray of the hand can help determine the age of a person


Protest against deportations to Afghanistan
A blurred picture of the suspect in Traunstein
The Naples town council oversaw the creation of the memorandum of understanding | Credit: ANSA

Understanding Europe

A migrant is arrested by police in the La Chapelle neighbourhood in northern Paris | Credit: Reuters
Bulgaria has breached the European Convention on Human Rights
German law states how age determination of underage asylum seekers should be handled

The European Union

Migration numbers Relocation in 2015
Find out more about the European Union
Salem, an Eritrean relocated from Italy to Portugal