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Most refugees suffering from severe mental health conditions have fled conflicts in Syria and Iraq
Sulaymon and Mohammad are getting to know more locals, who come to eat at their restaurant | Credit: Zivilé Raskauskaite
Migrants rescued by members of the Civil Guard Special unit of subaquatic activities (GEAS) in Ceuta, Spain


An image from the graphic novel Credit: Sergio Nazzato and Luca Ferrara
The approval decisions taken by the BAMF will now be checked
Group of EU and African Heads of State


Migrants being rescued by Italian Coast Guard and Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms off the coasts of Libya Credit: Open Arms
A general view of the Zaatari refugee camp, Jordan Credit:UNHR
A Syrian refugee boy carries his younger brother back to their tent

Understanding Europe

Border check at the German-Austrian border
Certain states in Germany have introduced a residency requirement or "Wohnsitzauflage" even for recognized asylum seekers
For refugees, tackling depression can seem an impossible task

The European Union

Migration numbers Relocation in 2015
Find out more about the European Union
Salem, an Eritrean relocated from Italy to Portugal