charlotte boitiaux

Credit: Charlotte Boitiaux
Credit: Charlotte Boitiaux
This couple is applying for asylum in France (Credit: InfoMigrants)
Saint-Bernard Church has been helping undocumented immigrants for many years. (Photo: InfoMigrants)
An asylum seeker shows the official document detailing his upcoming appointment with the prefecture. (Credit: InfoMigrants)

This man stands in front of the migrant camp near Verrotières in Calais. (Credit: Mehdi Chebil)
Until recently, it was NGOs that provided food in Calais. (Photo: Mehdi Chebil)
Migrants line up at a food distribution site on Verrotières Street, Calais. Credit : InfoMigrants
Migrants wait in Calais in hopes of reaching the UK. (Photo: Mehdi Chebil)
Emmanuel Macron and Gérard Collomb. (Photo: Reuters)
"Libya is not a country. It's a mess where chaos reigns"
 Migrants gather in front of the help centre in Paris | Credit: Mehdi Chebil