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Seventeen minors are currently being detained in the Charles de Gaulle or Roissy Airport, outside of Paris (Photo: Reuters)
One of the migrants on board the "Sarost 5" off the Tunisian coast
Children staying in the Salakovac reception center play in the Mlava River, which runs near the camp. (Photo: InfoMigrants)
Migrants queue up for free meals near the main Sarajevo station on June 18 (Photo: InfoMigrants)
There’s a gaping hole in the floor next to where these men sleep. (Photo: InfoMigrants)
Abdallah rocks baby Maria in Sarajevo, Bosnia. (Photo: InfoMigrants)
Credit: Charlotte Boitiaux
Credit: Charlotte Boitiaux
This couple is applying for asylum in France (Credit: InfoMigrants)
Saint-Bernard Church has been helping undocumented immigrants for many years. (Photo: InfoMigrants)
An asylum seeker shows the official document detailing his upcoming appointment with the prefecture. (Credit: InfoMigrants)

This man stands in front of the migrant camp near Verrotières in Calais. (Credit: Mehdi Chebil)