From archive: Greek police inspect tents at a makeshift refugee camps at Greek-Macedonian border near Idomeni
To avoid future claims for family reunification, the German government wants to take in entire families in the EU resettlement program
Credit: Seedy Saidykhan
The attacks sparked clashes that lasted throughout the night
Macron said there was a "poisoned debate" in Europe over the relocation of refugees
Refugees who have to go to court or decide to file an appeal can seek advice at a Refugee Law Clinic beforehand
Fake news and right-wing extremists work hand-in-hand
"People die for nothing and that's a painful fact", Ahmed says
"There are so many cultural differences between here and there", Kore says
Interior Minister Gérard Collomb believes that several French regions are being "overwhelmed by asylum seekers"
Jumann studies medicine in Syria, but she might have to start her studies over again in Germany
As a cellist, Athil has played on German stages before fleeing the war