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The Sona Circle app looks to bridge the gap between refugees and finding a new life | Credit: Sona Circle
From file: Migrants on a rubber dinghy in the Mediterranean Sea
The Yazidis have been persecuted by several different groups in recent years.
Family reunification has come back after the program was halted for several months.
The refugees in the camp are at serious risk of starvation if aid does not come soon
Syrian children are the main victims of the ongoing war | Credit: Reuters
The Council of Europe is hoping for a full investigation into allegations of police abuse of migrants in the country. In the picture, a migrant in Bosnia shows wounds allegedly caused by Croatian border police.
Saxony's interior minister (c) says there needs to be a more unified plan to identify asylum seekers
Palestinian students celebrate during their graduation ceremony at al-Najah University in the West Bank city of Nablus, 05 June 2008. Credit: EPA/ALAA BADARNEH
Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis had harsh words even for children orphaned by the Syrian conflict
Her swimming did more than just give people hope, it was an actual life saver.
The new Italian interior minister has a hard stance against incoming migrants.