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'The Merger'is a film about how sport can defeat prejudice | Screenshot of the film trailer
Detention of asylum seekers is to be used as a 'last resort', according to European law
A serious crime like murder or multiple minor offences could lead to deportation under the plan
A 23-year-old survivor of sex trafficking finds refuge in a safe house in the UK
Moria refugee camp seen through a makeshift shelter
The Chief Inspector's report cites examples of dirty, damp and rat-infested properties. Source: ICIBI
All of the migrants have been forcibly evacuated from the cargo ship. Source: TV report
Nineteen years old and thousands of kilometers from home Credit: InfoMigrants/Hossein Kermani
There are more than 800 people living at the Donauwörth anchor center
Precious, a Nigerian asylum seeker living at the anchor center in Bavaria, Germany
Asylum seekers do not leave the Anchor Center until they are granted asylum or deported. Credit: InfoMigrants/Hossein Kermani
The Tunisian President says no to hosting migrant screening centers