marlene panara

From file: Migrants in Libya wait for a chartered return flight. | Photo: Mohamed Hmouzi/IOM
Many young people in France dream of pursuing university studies
From file: The fence constructed by Hungarian border protection prevents migrants from entering the country from Serbia | Photo: EPA
An uninterrupted ballet of taxis flows in front of the migrant center in Subotica, near the Hungarian border. Photo : InfoMigrants
Osman, 20, and Mohsen, 26, in front of an abandoned train station in Belgrade | Photo: InfoMigrants
In the Ain Zara center, 'when it rains outside, it also rains inside' | Photo: Private
Young refugees in the Gashora Transit Center in Rwanda | Photo: DW/A.Ngarambe
Skander (left) is searched by his brother Ryad (right). The young man disappeared in the Mediterranean Sea with 11 other people. Photo: DR
Lampedusa is the gateway to Europe for many migrants leaving from the African coasts. Photo: Sea Watch
Serge (right) was among 67 people saved by the Spanish Red Cross in the Atlantic Ocean | Photo: Private
From file:  A view of the port city of Tangiers in Morocco | Source: Public domain
Around 300 migrants are now staying in this informal camp on the edge of Paris | Photo: Utopia56