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Orban has opposed EU migrant policies since the onset of the refugee crisis in 2015 | Credit: Picture Alliance/dpa/S. Hoppe
The EU wants to streamline migration issues across the bloc - including deportations | Credit: picture alliance
The EU hopes to consolidate its asylum procedures with the help of EASO | Credit: Picture Alliance/AP Photo/M. Schreiber
Deportation flights to Afghanistan continue despite protests | Credit: Picture Alliance/dpa/D. Maurer
Migrants continue to arrive on the Greek Isles | Credit: Picture Alliance
The EU plans on significantly increasing the number of employees working for Frontex
Thousands of people die at sea each year trying to cross the Mediterranean / Credit: picture alliance/AP Photo/E. Morenatti
Migrants in Calais have adapted to a life on the run / Credit: Mehdi Chebil
Migrants in Libya face grave dangers including torture, rape and being sold into slavery. Credit: Florian Gaertner/Photothek via Getty Images
Commissions for cases of hardship can perform one final assessment on your asylum case once all other legal options have been exhausted
It’s important for you to know: BAMF migration officials never conduct home visits.
Church asylum usually only applies to asylum seekers who are threatened with some form of deportation to inhumane living conditions, including torture or even death.