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At the center of the artwork: the watery grave of the Mediterranean, where thousands of migrants have drowned | Credit: DW/W. Dick
The Afghan Embassy in Berlin has not yet commented on the case | Credit: Afghan Embassy in Berlin
The new law streghtens the powers of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) | Credit: picture-alliance/dpa/Geisner-Fotopress
The pictures of refugee abuse at the Burbach facility made headlines in Germany and beyond | Credit: picture-alliance/dpa
The test determines whether a person has the expertise and practical skills for a particular trade or job
Refugees often suffer severe emotional and physical traumas even before they embark on their journeys | Credit: DW/K. Zurutuza
The Sona Circle app looks to bridge the gap between refugees and finding a new life | Credit: Sona Circle
Many migrants fail to realize that embarking on a journey to Europe via Libya is extremely dangerous
The Mare Jonio used to be a commercial tug boat | Credit: picture-alliance/dpa/Mediterranea/Sea Watch
In the future, EASO could assist EU member states with speeding up the processing of asylum applications
If you ignore the rules your flight might turn into a one-way ticket | Credit: picture-alliance/Zuma Press/B. Stanley
Nujeen Mustafa is hopeful about the future | Credit: picture-alliance/dpa/S. Prautsch