Refugees and migrants in Germany ask: Was it worth it to leave my country?
Afghans – women, men, and children – often pay people to help them to find jobs in Iran, Pakistan, India, Europe and North America
Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan
Homeless Afghans newly returned from Pakistan camp in harsh conditions in Nangarhar province | Credit: IOM
Peymana Assad
Workers cleaning up the camp of Moria following clashes between groups of refugees and migrants of different nationalities Photo: EPA
Refugees in Turkey
'Little Picasso' Farhard Nuri with Serbian premier, Ana Brnabic | Credit: ANSA
Afghan refugees
The cover of the manual Credit: IOM
Despite the feeble security situation, most asylum seekers from Afghanistan have little chances of being granted full asylum
Fereshteh Forough wants to give Afghan girls the chance to learn 21st Century skills Photo: DW