Elin Ersson in her video that she filmed herself while on the plane
Child in the photo did not participate in the research | Credit: Save the Children/Zubair Shair Sherzay
Afghan refugees in Pakistan | Credit: Picture-alliance/Anadolu Agency/S.Ahmad
European Parliament in Brussels, Samira Hamidi, Amnesty International | Photo: DW/T.Schulz
Refugees in Afghanistan | Credit: DW/S.Tanha
Help is available to migrants and refugees from people who speak their language and understand their culture
A migrant woman and her child arrive at the port of Motril, Spain, January 26 2018 Credit: EPA/Miguel Paquet
Deportation flights to Afghanistan continue despite protests | Credit: Picture Alliance/dpa/D. Maurer
In the picture, Afghan internally displaced persons (IDP) play outside their temporary shelter on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan. PHOTO/EPA/HEDAYATULLAH AMID
Afghan migrants in Turkey. Credit: Reuters
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani warned his people of the type of work they would find in Germany