Bosnia & Herzegovina

Children staying in the Salakovac reception center play in the Mlava River, which runs near the camp. (Photo: InfoMigrants)
Migrants queue up for free meals near the main Sarajevo station on June 18 (Photo: InfoMigrants)
Michael Roth, Germany's deputy minister for European affairs
There’s a gaping hole in the floor next to where these men sleep. (Photo: InfoMigrants)
Refugees on new Balkan route
Abdallah rocks baby Maria in Sarajevo, Bosnia. (Photo: InfoMigrants)
Migrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria resting in a park in Sarajevo, Bosnia. PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA/FEHIM DEMIR
The Albanian border with Greece
Refugees in Sarajevo receiving meals
Migrants fron Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria in a park in Sarajevo, Bosnia | Credit: EPA/Fehim Demir
The new migrant route takes a more southern approach to reach the EU.
Migrants of all ages are stuck in Bosnia hoping to reach the European Union