The new migrant route takes a more southern approach to reach the EU.
Migrants of all ages are stuck in Bosnia hoping to reach the European Union
In 2015, Croatia had to face massive arrivals of migrants coming from the Balkan route. The picture shows migrants waiting to board a train for Zagreb at the railway station in Tovarnik, Eastern Croatia, near the Serbian border. Photo: EPA/ZOLTAN BALOGH
migrants try to get warm from an open fire as they take refuge in an abandoned warehouse near the border with Croatia in Adasevac, Serbia. Archive EPA/KOCA SULEJMANOVIC
'No borders': Graffiti along the Balkan route (DW/D. Tosidis)
Refugees arriving at Zagreb airport | Credit: UN Migration Agency (IOM)
Migrants traveling the Balkan route during the 2015-16 crisis | Credit: Dragan Petrovic
Dragan (center), a Macedonian migrant, is hidden in the forests near the Serbian-Croatian border, as he tries to cross to central Europe with other migrants from Arab countries. Dragan, along with one Chinese migrant, is an oddity among the hundreds of Syrians and Afghans stranded in Šid, Serbia
Refugees sit between tents at the border between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), near Idomeni, northern Greece | Credit: ANSA archive
MSF tends to a migrant patient | Credit: Marko Drobnjakovic
Screenshot "Do you remember the Balkan Route?"