The map shows the Schengen area and the internal borders where controls at the border were restored. Credit: Centimetri
A torn EU flag with the word Schengen in the middle
The Alexander Maersk docks in the port of Pozzallo. Credit: ANSA
A thousand Asylum seekers and supporters of NGO 'la voix des sans papier' (the voice of those Without papers) protest against the government asylum policy, on a street in Brussels, Belgium.Credit: EPA/OLIVIER HOSLET
A family at a refugee camp in Germany | Credit: EPA/Tobias Hase
Denmark has taken a consistently hard line on immigration
Inger Stoejberg, Immigration and Integration Minister of Denmark
Border check at the German-Austrian border
A four-day-old infant was rescued by the NGO Proactiva Open Arms in April, 2017 Photo: Reuters/Yannis Behrakis
The largest party in the country is looking at a different way to process asylum seekers
A group of 28 Kurdish and Iranian asylum seekers who are residents at a deportation centre in Denmark have been on hunger strike since mid-October. Credit: Facebook