Eritrean Refugee at a BAMF office in Germany
migrants disembarking from Open Arms ship, where the young man was traveling. Credit: PROACTIVA/ANSA
Amanuel, a deaf and mute artist, was evacuated from Libya by the UNHCR. Credit: UNHCR
Woman in a detention center in Libya. Photo: ANSA/Zuhair Abusrewil
a boat carrying migrants being rescued off the coast of the Sicilian island, Lampedusa Photo: ANSA/Archive
Activists say that refugees from Sudan and Eritrea cannot return to their "dangerous" homelands
"Waiting for Family" - a comic report by Elend Sheikhi and Burcu Türker
Migrants being escorted out of the makeshift camp 'The Jungle' as the  remaining refugees from it in Calais, France, October 2016. Credit: EPA/Etienne Laurent
The photo shows migrants in Piazza Indipendenza the day after the evacuation. Photo Credit: Stefano Intreccialagli