Philippe Huguen/AFP | People leave a migrant camp as they are evicted by French authorities near the French port city of Dunkirk, at Grande-Synthe, northern France, on 6 September, 2018.
The lack of access to healthcare in France excludes the most vulnerable people from the health system, according to a report by Doctors of the World. On the front line: migrants, with and without papers. Photo credits: DoW / Olivier Papegnies - Huma Collective
The border between France and Italy Credit: ANSA
The Italian-French border in Ventimiglia.Photo/ANSA
Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Dunja Mijatović
Currently, individual countries in Europe can issue humanitarian visas and create corridors, but there is no bloc-wide regulation
A look at the operation to clear the self-managed center in Claviere, Val di Susa. Credit: ANSA
More than a dozen migrants rescued at sea by the humanitarian vessel Aquarius arrive in France where they will be given refugee status. Photo: Ofii/Twitter
Rallies took place in France and across Europe on October 6, 2018, to show solidarity with the migrant rescue organization SOS Mediterranee | Credit: Reuters
In the future, EASO could assist EU member states with speeding up the processing of asylum applications
Search and rescue mission on the Aquarius in January 2018 | Credit: Picture-alliance/L.Schmid
Migrant minors during the distribution of meals served by Midis du Mie volunteers | Credit: Bahar Makooi / InfoMigrants