There aren't as many foreigners in the EU as people believe Photo: ANSA
Two children who were rescued in the Mediterranean | Credit: EPA
Many migrants crossed Eastern Europe, including Hungary, at the height of the refugee crisis
Shilouette of a migrant family in Hungary
Victor Orban
Hungarian Premier, Viktor Orban. Credit: EPA/LISI NIESNER
Migrants, some of them believed to be asylum seekers, queue in front of the Immigration Office in Brussels (Credit: ANSA/EPA)
Radwa Al Nazer and Rita Joy Osazee are learning how to care for the elderly | Credit: UNHCR/Bela Szandelszky
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban
EU Migration policy
MSF tends to a migrant patient | Credit: Marko Drobnjakovic
The picture shows a police officer taking fingerprints of a refugee in the Police Immigration office in Svinesund, Norway: EPA, Archive