The Channel between the UK and France is the busiest shipping lane in the world. An increasing number of mostly Iranians are attempting to cross the channel in the hope of seeking asylum in the UK. | Photo: Picture Alliance / maxppp
Afghan migrants in Turkey. Credit: Reuters
Canoeist Saeid Fazloula from Iran to compete for Germany at the World Championships
Not everyone identifies with the religion they are born into, and some reject religion altogether
Iranian refugees in Serbia
Many of the people crossing the border hail from Afghanistan.
Violence against migrant and refugee women isn't going away
The World Bank is calling on Gulf countries to offer work visas to Afghans | Photo:  Claire Debuyser
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Afghans in border town Islam Qala. Credit: Shoaib Tanha, DW
A group of 28 Kurdish and Iranian asylum seekers who are residents at a deportation centre in Denmark have been on hunger strike since mid-October. Credit: Facebook