Sonia Alaghehband, a trainee at Deutsche Bahn, December 2, 2022 | Photo: picture alliance/dpa/Julian Rettig
114 refugees evacuated from Libya arrive in Rome on 30 Nov 2022 | Photo: Alessandro Serranó / Avalon 
From file: Police officers accompany a deportee into an airplane | Photo: Michael Kappeler/dpa/picture alliance
Lufthansa aircrafts are parked at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, on September 2, 2022 | Photo: Michael Probst/AP/picture alliance
Authorities in Iran have violently supressed protests for several weeks | Photo: Zuma Press / picture alliance
Protests have swept across Iran following Amini's death | Photo: user generated content
Asli Vatansever is a sociologist from Turkey who lives in Berlin | Photo: Pierre-Jerome Adjedj
There have been a series of public protests against the Rwanda policy in the UK | Photo: Vuk Valcic/Zuma/picture-alliance
From file: Afghan refugees cross the Iran-Turkey border near Tatvan district in Bitlis, Turkey on August 17, 2021 | Photo: Ali Ihsan Ozturk/picture-alliance
Nilofar was evacuated from Afghanistan to Turkey, but since then, she has struggled to find a place where she can start again | Photo: Private
Layana asleep in her father's lap – the family has endured months of feeling isolated and alone in Greece | Photo: Ignacio Pereyra
A group of migrants rescued from a boat off Greece | Photo: PHOTO/ARCHIVE/ANSA/GIUSEPPE LAMI