Credit: Reuters/A. McConnell/UHNCR
From file: Yazidi people of Northern Iraq escape from "IS" (2014)
Police in Wiesbaden section off the area where the girl was found.
The murder of 14-year-old Susanna F. has shocked Germany
Signing of the agreement - Credit: IOM
An Iraqi family in front of their partially destroyed house
Gerd Müller, the German Development Minister
Workers cleaning up the camp of Moria following clashes between groups of refugees and migrants of different nationalities Photo: EPA
"There are so many cultural differences between here and there", Kore says
Mustafa  al Bayaati
For many young Syrians in Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey and Egypt, further education is a key to the future
The Austrian NGO distributes food that would otherwise be thrown away | Credit: UNHCR