Workers cleaning up the camp of Moria following clashes between groups of refugees and migrants of different nationalities Photo: EPA
"There are so many cultural differences between here and there", Kore says
Mustafa  al Bayaati
For many young Syrians in Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey and Egypt, further education is a key to the future
The Austrian NGO distributes food that would otherwise be thrown away | Credit: UNHCR
The EU wants to speed up the return of Iraqi nationals who have been denied asylum in Europe | picture-alliance, dpa
silav from Northern Iraq came to Greece with her husband - and a child they found on their way and adopted as their own.
Europe remains a top destination for many migrants from sub-Sahara Africa | Credit: Reuters / Ahmed Jadallah
EPA photo showing UNHCR staff members while they erect tents at a camp for refugees forced to flee their homes in Erbil, Iraq
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many young people dream of getting a university education