The presentation of the initiative at the Senate. Credit: ANSA
woman at one of Italy's bank. Photo/Archive/ANSA
Filip Warwick | On board the Aquarius
The largest group that was granted protection status in the EU in 2017 continued to be Syrian nationals
Credit: Samer Mustafa, Refugee Rights Europe
A woman and her child at the Naples-based NGO Pianoterra Photo: Pianoterra
There aren't as many foreigners in the EU as people believe Photo: ANSA
La Sapienza University in Rome Photo: ANSA
Spanish NGO's Proactiva Open Arms vessel as seen at harbor at the port of Pozzallo. ANSA/AP Photo/Alessio Tricani
Photo credit: Stefano Intreccialagli/ANSA
An image from the campaign's website. Credit: CIR