A Syrian refugee in Lebanon | Credit: Reuters/ A.Hashisho
Syrian refugee children playing at the playground of a United Nation's Children Fund (UNICEF) school in the Saadnayel informal settlement in the Bekaa Valley in eastern Lebanon EPA/ Nabil Mounzer
Syrian children are the main victims of the ongoing war | Credit: Reuters
Many homes have been destroyed in Syria's seven-year civil war
Syrian refugees in Lebanon | Credit: DW/D. Hodali
Syrian refugee children attending a class in Lebanon. Photo: EPA/Wael Hamzeh
The project will start with pre-departure orientation courses for the refugees currently based in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.
17-year-old Syrian refugee Mazoun Almellehan speaks at the 'Supporting Syria and the Region' conference in London. Credit: EPA/MATT DUNHAM / POOL
Young Syrian refugee Abdel Razzaq suffers from kidney failure | Photo: UNHCR
A Lebanese family in Syria
Syrian refugee mother and son outside their shelter in Ghazieh, Saida, Lebanon Credit: UNHCR/ Sebastian Rich
Credit: Sesame Workshop - IRC