Migrants on board the Aquarius ship as it enters the Grand Harbor in Senglea, Valletta, Malta. Credit: EPA/DOMENIC AQUILINA
This picture shows two women from Doctors Without Borders waving to teh Aquarius, shown in the background, aboard which 106 migrants were traveling, at the Port of Valencia, Spain on June 17, 2018 Photo: EPS/ Juan Carlos Cardenas
Migrants saved by the Maltese Migrant Offshore Aid Station | Credit: Reuters
Migrants on baord the MV Aquarius
Press conference with SOS Mediterranee
With deaths at sea being the main cause of death for refugees, EU countries are trying to find viable solutions to securing their borders
Migrants leaving the Vos Prudence ship from Doctors without Borders
For those trying to cross the Mediterranean the chance of dying  is now much greater
The Lifeline NGO rescue vessel stranded in the Mediterranean with more than 200 migrants on board enters the grand harbor in Valletta, Malta.PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA/DOMENICAQUILINA
Migrants on the German Lifeline ship | Credit: Hermine Poschmann/Misson-Lifeline/Handout via REUTERS
Rescued migrants on board a Sea-Eye boat (picture-alliance/dep/
Mission Lifeline migrant rescue boat