From file: Rescue ship Sea-Eye 4 in the Mediterranean Sea | Photo: Maik Lüdemann &
The Geo Barents rescue ship, operated by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) | Photo: ANSA/MSF
From file: This drone is reportedly being deployed by the French authorities in the Channel, to fight pollution but also to survey migrant boats at sea | Photo: Sebastien Jarry / picture alliance/dpa/MAXPPP
Some of the migrants rescued by the Geo Barents on July 7, 2022 | Source: Twitter feed @MSF_Sea
The first edition of the football event attracted refugees and migrants living in eight European countries | Photo: UEFA
The crew of the Geo Barents rescued 71 migrants off a sinking dinghy in the Central Mediterranean | Photo: MSF_Sea on Twitter
A group of migrants rescued from the Mediterranean by Sea-Watch 3 crew on June 2, 2022 | Source: Twitter feed @Seawatch_intl
Some of the 85 rescued migrants on board the Aurora wait to disembark on Lampedusa | Source: @Seawatchcrew twitter feed
From file: Migrants arrived from Libya in Valletta, Malta, July 27, 2020 | Photo: Reuters
MSF crew on the Geo Barents help migrants in the Mediterranean in May 2022 | Source: Twitter feed @MSF_Sea
Frontex is the EU's best-funded agency with a budget of more than €750 million | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa/K. Nietfeld
Migrants disembarking from NGO vessel Sea-Eye 4 in Augusta, Sicily on April 6, 2022 | Photo: Joe Rabe/