16-year old Moumoune allegedly died in a s Credit: Caminando Fronteras
Moroccan migrants arrive in the port after they were rescued by Spanish authorities in the town of Algeciras, Cadiz, southern Spain, 12 May 2018. Spanish Sea Rescue Unit rescued a total of 95 Moroccan migrants in the waters off the Strait of Gibraltar. EPA/A.Carrasco Ragel
The Morocco-Spain route has become one of the main entry points for migrants to Europe after the collapse of routes into Italy via Libya.
The fruits that many Germany buy at the supermarket come at a price - of human suffering
Spain: Migrants storm the fence from Morocco to reach the Spanish enclave of Ceuta | Photo: Reuters/Faro TV
African migrants seen climbing the border between Morocco and Spain's North African enclace Ceuta
Photo: Samia Mehdi
A banner on Madrid's city hall encapsulates Spain's overall approach to immigration
The change in the law would make it easier for Germany to turn back people from the Maghreb, which have been frequently accused of human-rights violations
A Guardia Civil Officer uses binoculars to search for boats with migratns
This border fence without barbed wire between Melilla and Morocco might soon no longer be a rarity
a group of minors rescued after arriving at the Arguineguin wharf in the Canaries, Spain, on board a small boat | Photo/Archive7EPA/RAPPETI