A Spanish National Police member and a Civil Guard watch some of the 70 sub-Saharan migrants, of whom 61 were reportedly minors, at the border of Ceuta-Melilla Photo: EPA
A frame taken from a video by the Italian Police about the operation that led to the arrest of 13 people of Tunisian, Italian and Moroccan nationality
A group of migrant women and children waiting to be transferred to a reception center | Photo: Archive/EPA
Migrants rescued off the Spanish coast. Credit: MSF
Credit: ANSA
Migrants being rescued off the coasts of Ceuta and Melilla Credit: Guardia Civil
A rally to call for the reception of migrants and refugees in Barcelona, part of the the campaign 'Casa Nostra, Casa Vostra' (Our Home, Your Home). Credit: EPA/ALBERTO ESTEVEZ
Picture of the MENTOR project logo
Migrants in the Libyan detention center in Zawiya | Credit: ANSA/ZUHAIR ABUSREWIL
Migrant boats are being intercepted by the Guaria Civil | Credit: ANSA
Police were out on the streets in Melilla | Credit: Local police authorities
Smugglers transport migrants to Spain on rickety wooden boats, inflatable dinghies, and even jet-skis, charging hundreds of euros for the trip.