Olawale was studying medicine in Ukraine before the war, now he is trying to build a new life in the Netherlands | Photo: The 77 Percent
The court found migrant camps in the Netherlands did not meet European standards | Photo: Vincent Jannink / ANP / picture-alliance
From file: Deaths resulting from human trafficking near Libya's border with Sudan | Photo: picture-alliance/AA
Compared to other crime areas, such as drug trafficking or trafficking of weapons, it is more challenging to identify the indicators of trafficking in human beings in an online environment | Photo: Picture-alliance
Decisions handed down by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg are binding - but only apply to the case involved | Photo: Imago Images/P. Scheiber
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has claimed the problem was due to a housing shortage | Photo: Picture-alliance
The images of people camping outside the Ter Apel asylum reception center have sparked fury across The Netherlands | Photo: Vincent Jannink/picture alliance
From file: Migrants camping outside the Ter Apel asylum center, waiting to get a hearing | Photo: Imago
Migrants are temporarily taken to emergency shelters due to a lack
of hygiene at the Ter Apel asylum registration center, Netherlands August 26,
2022 | Photo: REUTERS/Piroschka van de Wouw
The Ter Apel asylum center has been making headlines for weeks | Photo: Imago/AP
Asylum authorities in the Netherlands say about 150 people are sleeping outside, as reception centers are full to capacity | Photo: picture alliance
Police in Germany arrested 18 individuals accused of smuggling people | Photo: picture-alliance/dpa/K.J. Hildenbrand