Refugee in Sarajevo
A photo from the website of the project | Credit: Lost & Found
December 6 2017
Amran's story: a Libyan refugee in Serbia
Safaa is happy he has found a safe place
Safaa Alobaidi has been living in Serbia for 10 years
Dragan (center), a Macedonian migrant, is hidden in the forests near the Serbian-Croatian border, as he tries to cross to central Europe with other migrants from Arab countries. Dragan, along with one Chinese migrant, is an oddity among the hundreds of Syrians and Afghans stranded in Šid, Serbia
Social Cafe for Serbian asylum seekers
Karim, 29, teaches kids at a charity organization as a volunteer.  Credit : Julia Dumont
Khatear and her daughter Yalta, born in exile on July 14, 2017. Credit : Julia Dumont.