Migrants on a dinghy approach the coast of the Greek island of Lesbos. Credit: ANSA/AP Photo/ Santi Palacios
Family reunification has come back after the program was halted for several months.
Migrants on a Spanish maritime rescue boat | Photo: Picture-alliance/Ap Photo/M.Moreno
Maghrebi migrants resting in La Santa port after being rescued by a fishing boat at the town of Tinajo, Lanzarote island, southwestern Spain, 10 October 2018. PHOTO/EPA/JAVIER FUENTES
Refugees from Syria walk past a sign that reads 'Germany' and features an images of the German national flag near the Austria-German border in Julbach, Austria Credit: EPA/Armin Weigel
A Spanish National Police agent discovers a young man as he searches one truck at the end of a local holiday in Melilla, Spanish enclave in northern Africa Credit: EPA/F.G. Guerrero Editors note: Face of policeman and minor blurred by source in accordance with Spanish law
Search and rescue mission on the Aquarius in January 2018 | Credit: Picture-alliance/L.Schmid
62 migrants, who were rescued when they sailed on some small canoes at the Alboran Sea, arriving to the port in Almeria, southeastern Spain, on 2 October 2018 | Credit: EPA/CARLOS BARBA
66 people were rescued at sea by the Spanish Civil Guard in Motril, southern Spain, 1 October 2018 | PHOTO: EPA/MIGUEL PAQUET
Photo of a Proactiva Open Arms rescue operation | Copyright : Reuters / Yannis Behrakis
Migrants are taken to the port of Almeria after being rescued in the Alboran Sea, in Almeria, southeastern Spain. Credit: EPA/CARLOS BARBA