Angela Merkel with Pedro Sanchez
Moroccan migrants arrive in the port after they were rescued by Spanish authorities in the town of Algeciras, Cadiz, southern Spain, 12 May 2018. Spanish Sea Rescue Unit rescued a total of 95 Moroccan migrants in the waters off the Strait of Gibraltar. EPA/A.Carrasco Ragel
Screenshot from video "How does the Alarm Phone work" | Credit: Alarm Phone
Open Arms rescue vessel arriving in the port of Algeciras in southern Spain, with 87 migrants aboard who were rescued off the coast of Libya. Reports said this is the fourth time an NGO vessel has arrived in Spain with migrants aboard after being rejected by Italy. EPA/A.Carrasco Ragel
Spanish locals speak out on new refugee center
The fruits that many Germany buy at the supermarket come at a price - of human suffering
German police checking documents at the border
25 Maghreb migrants rescued arriving on board of a Red Cross boat in Almeria, Andalusia, August 3. Red Cross members and Navy Rescue members rescued 58 people in Alboran Island. PHOTO/EPA/CARLOS BARBA
Gerald Knaus wants to ease the asylum process across Europe
Migrants walking to a Red Cross tent in Spain
Migrants storm a fence in the Spanish enclave Ceuta
Spain: Migrants storm the fence from Morocco to reach the Spanish enclave of Ceuta | Photo: Reuters/Faro TV