Esmail Khawari was deported from Sweden back to Afghanistan
Elin Ersson onboard a plane where she prevented the deportation of an Afghan on Monday, July 23
Demonstrators in Stockholm in 2016 call on the government to step down over its handling of migration
The map shows the Schengen area and the internal borders where controls at the border were restored. Credit: Centimetri
The expectations for migrants in this Berlin waiting room are higher than in other parts of Europe.
The bill will keep children in school while they await their application decision.
Border check at the German-Austrian border
There aren't as many foreigners in the EU as people believe Photo: ANSA
 Swedish police gather a group of migrants off an incoming train at the Swedish end of the bridge between Sweden and Denmark, Malmo, Sweden                         EPA/STIG-AKE
A migrant child leaving war-torn Ghouta, Syria. Credit: EPA
Syrian and Eritrean refugees arriving in Sweden after being transferred from Italy | Credit: ANSA/TELENEWS
There are programs that finance a return to an asylum seeker’s country of origin