Credit: DW/M. Mostqfigur Rahman
The UN estimates there are now more than 6 million internally displaced people in Syria.
Syrian refugee children playing at the playground of a United Nation's Children Fund (UNICEF) school in the Saadnayel informal settlement in the Bekaa Valley in eastern Lebanon EPA/ Nabil Mounzer
Syrian children are the main victims of the ongoing war | Credit: Reuters
Young Syrian refugees and their families arrive at Rome Airport via the humanitarian corridor project Photo: Sant'Egidio/ANSA
The Syrian flag in Damascus
"The most important thing for me is my family in Syria"
Many homes have been destroyed in Syria's seven-year civil war
People are happy to wait in line to get a taste of 'Mezze' | Photo: Sertan Sanderson
Syrian refugees in Lebanon | Credit: DW/D. Hodali
Malakeh Jazmati | Photo: Elizabeth Grenier
Syrian migrants will be especially affected by the new law