An Afghan woman carries her child at the Toza Lokay refugee camp on the Tajik-Afgan border, some 250 km south from Dushanbe | Photo: Dmitry Khrupov/ARCHIVE/EPA/ANSA
There are no more planes in the sky above Kabul for the time being, leaving those who want to escape only with few options | Photo: picture-alliance/AP Photo/R. Gul
A migrant family from Tajikistan rents an apartment in Moscow, Russia, one of 48 countries to deport non-nationals on the basis of HIV status | picture-alliance
The economic stagnation is going to hit the global remittance market hard in 2020 | Photo: picture-alliace/imageBROKER/Pius Koller
"My name is not as important as my story," our protagonist tells us
Trailer for #MessageBackHome