A mother and her two children walking by policemen in Tunis. PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA
Tunisian protesters during a demonstration against tax hikes and austerity measures | Photo: ARCHIVE/EPA/MOHAMED MESSARA
Ahmed sits on the roof of the building where he lives together with 34 other migrants. Photo: InfoMigrants
Participants at the Tunis seminar to launch the project. (Photo: Tunisian Social Affairs Ministry)
Refugees waiting for registration in Berlin | Photo: Imago/IPON
The poster for 'Le Radeau' | Credit: ANSA
Jeanne d'Arc at work in her hair salon in central Tunis. Photo: InfoMigrants
The Tunisian President says no to hosting migrant screening centers
A photo of the Turin temporary residence center for migrants. Photo/ANSA/ Alessandro Contaldo
Migrants in Ingelheim, Germany
Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini wants a more ogranized plan for sea rescues. Photo credit: ANSA | MATTEO SALVINI
This year, 476 rejected asylum seekers from Morocco have been returned from Germany (as of August 2018)