Migrants at the Lampedusa hotspot Photo: ANSA
A frame taken from a video by the Italian Police about the operation that led to the arrest of 13 people of Tunisian, Italian and Moroccan nationality
The demonstration's logo | Credit: ANSA
Frontex executive director Fabrice Leggeri. Credit: EPA/STEPHANIE LECOCQ
Italian police wiretapped the suspects as part of the investigation | Credit: ANSA/Italian police
Tunisian migrants protest in Lampedusa Credit:ANSA
Some images of the damaged pavillion. Credit: Elio Desiderio
Migrants participating in Peace App workshop in Tunis. Credit: Peace App
A PLURAL+ has provided a platform for over 1,500 young people to share their views on migration and social inclusion
A boat carrying migrants from Tunisia to Italy was rescued by the Portuguese Navy | Credit: EPA/ Jose Sena Goulao
Picture of the MENTOR project logo
A Tunisian migrant walking on Lampedusa | Credit: ANSA/Francesco Solina