About 500 migrants and refugees come to eat at "Teferic" pizzeria every day
Portrait of Osob Elmi | Credit: Kirsty Mackay - Bristol City Museum/M Shed Museum
Red Cross workers look after the health of migrants in Bosnia, some of whom have allegedly received injuries from the Croatian police Credit: InfoMigrants
Screenshot from video "How does the Alarm Phone work" | Credit: Alarm Phone
Photo taken from Save The Children's report on the "Invisible Little Slaves" published on July 27, 2018 / Hedinn Halldorsson, Save the Children.
Young members of Germany's Jewish and Muslim communities visiting Auschwitz
The fruits that many Germany buy at the supermarket come at a price - of human suffering
Jer Smo Ljudi: Bosnian for "We are all people"
A refugee playing the public piano in Bregenz, Austria Photo credit: Open Piano for Refugees
InfoMigrants talked to refugees living rough in Velika Kladusa, Bosnia
Gerald Knaus wants to ease the asylum process across Europe
For asylum seekers held up in airport transit zones, counselling is available