REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol | A migrant hugs a refugee youth service worker as he prepares to take a bus to be transferred to a reception center after the dismantlement of the "Jungle" camp in Calais, France, October 28, 2016.
Filip Warwick | On board the Aquarius
Refugees on the German-Austrian border
German border police check documents
Credit: Samer Mustafa, Refugee Rights Europe
The group of "godparents" and young asylum seekers from Ceno | Credit: Ceno e.V
A woman and her child at the Naples-based NGO Pianoterra Photo: Pianoterra
UNHCR office in Afghanistan
Refugees who have to go to court or decide to file an appeal can seek advice at a Refugee Law Clinic beforehand
Refugees working in the gardens of the Caserta royal palace grounds. Credit: Francesco Tedesco/ANSA
Stuck in Germany without close relatives the refugees were said to be using traffickers to reach their families in Turkey
Iranian refugees in Serbia