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This picture shows Seidu Soumaila, a 19 year old migrant from Mali who now plays in Italy's Serie D soccer league.  He has experienced a lot in his young life: he witnessed his father's murder in his home country,  was tortured by ISIS in Libya and eventually arrived in Italy by boat.  

''There were three boats, one sank,  and then we were taken to Sardinia'', he recallsHe now plays soccer with the Trastevere club which is dominating the H tournament of Italy's Serie D soccer league.For Seidu it's a dream come true. He could  remember when he used to  listen to the team's song, Benvenuti in Paradiso, or Welcome to Paradise in English, by Italian singer Antonello Venditti.  Seidu is now a professional soccer player but his past still lingers on. His body bears the signs of the fact that he was beaten by 'IS' or the 'Islamic State', which held him prisoner in Tripoli, Libya.

His life in Mali wasn't easy. ''Some Tuaregs killed my father in front of me to steal his sheep,'' he said.  Now the Trastevere team, with the local community of S. Egidio,  wants to create a team of refugees to take part in the third league's championship.

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