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Croatia, which is part of the EU but not the Schengen zone, will from Friday be complying with the new EU rules on stiffer, detailed border controls along Europe's internal and external borders.

The so-called "systematic controls" will have to be implemented at border crossings with Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro, which are not EU member states. The controls will also be enforced at the country's frontiers with EU member states Slovenia and Hungary.

Travelers will be checked

Identification documents of every individual will be checked in two databases, one belonging to the Croatian interior ministry and the other to the Interpol - at every entry and exit.

Earlier, border police could check EU citizens at their own discretion, and did so rarely. Beginning Friday however, no exceptions will be made and everyone will have to be checked. The Croatian interior ministry has announced that the new regulations will almost certainly cause slower processing and longer waits at border crossings.

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