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The Catholic Liaison Committee for a Civilization of Love (CLCCL) in Rome is implementing a microbusiness project for Ethiopian villages to support local farming there and to limit mass migration. The organisation is working with Italian companies and the project is funded by the EU 

"Migration and development are two problems that are linked, and one solves the other," said Giuseppe Rotunno, national CLCCL secretary."With development come jobs, training and a future, and people are no longer forced to emigrate. In turn, if the world's south is developed, Italian companies don't go abroad and they work here," he said. Rotunno said that's why CLCCL has launched in Europe a "synergy" between companies and the world of cooperatives."We're aiming to create microbusinesses in Africa".

The organisation has years of experience in the field and said that thanks to these small projects, the local labor force is tapped into, which allows the villages to be "reborn"."We are proposing to take these small projects into the villages together with the companies that make up part of our network," Rotunno said.The project will work in 100 Ethiopian villages to reach a total of about 500,000 people.

"Electric lights with solar panels, water pumps and farming to create a market: 500,000 people aren't that many but they can become an example and model for all of Africa". Among the companies that will participate are Coldiretti farmers' association for the farming part, Res4Africa for energy, and Sogesid for water.

"This is only the beginning and we hope to expand. Thanks to European funding for microbusinesses we are able to cover many villages. We'd like the project to start before the summer and possibly by the next G7 conference, to show that we're doing more than talking, we're launching constructive programs," Rotunno said.

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