According to UNICEF, the number of child migrants traveling alone has increased five times since 2010. Austria has passed a new law banning the full-face burqa and InfoMigrants tells the story of a Syrian astronomer in Paris who faces an uncertain future. Read more in today's roundup.

  • Number of unaccompanied refugee children reaches record high: The number of refugee children traveling alone has increased fivefold since 2010, UNICEF has said. The UN body warned that the alarming trend has forced many young refugees and migrants into prostitution and slavery. Click here to read more.
  • Austria passes law banning the burqa: Austrian parliamentarians have passed a law that bans women from wearing the full-face veil. The new legislation also establishes mandatory integration courses and prompts asylum seekers to do unpaid work. Click here to read more.
  • The uncertain future of a Syrian astronomer in Paris: Muhammad Ali Sammuneh is an astronomer from Syria who has restarted his life in France. But his future there remains uncertain. Click here to read his story.
  • World's first clean energy refugee camp in Jordan: Jordan has set up a solar plant in a refugee camp for Syrians fleeing the civil war. Click here to read more.
  • Syrian migrants inject $800 million into Egypt's economy: Syrians have contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to Egypt's economy since the beginning of the Syrian crisis. 120,000 Syrians are officially registered in Egypt. Click here to read more.


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