The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has officially presented its 'Aware Migrants' campaign in Tunisia. The goal is to inform migrants about the dangers of crossing the desert and the Mediterranean Sea.

The Aware Migrants initiative targets 16 African countries and aims to enable potential migrants to make informed decisions and be forewarned about the dangers they could encounter during their crossing of the desert and the Mediterranean. The campaign will be implemented in part in Tunisia through video statements of migrants themselves. It was presented during a recent conference on migration held as part of the Jaou Tunis event in Carthage.

During the presentation, the deputy director of the EU Cooperation section of the Tunisian foreign ministry, Mounir Ben Rjiba, underscored that last October Tunisia started a negotiation process with the EU for the signing of an agreement on readmission procedures for irregular Tunisian migrants and another to facilitate the issuing of short visas for the EU for specific categories of people, such as researchers and university students.

Preventing risks of irregular migration

''The aim is to better prevent the risk of irregular migration from Tunisia as well as better manage its consequences,'' Ben Rjiba said, adding that the negotiations are moving forward and that the EU is prepared to help Tunisia in this sphere. ''We are also in the finalization phase of a national strategy,'' Ben Rjiba said, ''to promote organized migration and include all Tunisians to the government efforts for greater economic and social development.''

The Aware Migrants initiative was developed and funded by the Tunisian interior ministry in collaboration with the IOM coordination office for the Mediterranean.  

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