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Today's news

Germany has passed a new set of laws for quicker deportation of rejected asylum seekers. Families of over 500 Tunisian youths who went missing in 2011 on their way to Europe, are pleading to governments for help in finding them and MSF's Dr. Stoebe writes about his personal experiences at detention centers in Libya. This and more in today's summary.

Germany passes tighter asylum laws: The Bundestag has passed a series of laws regarding the deportation, monitoring and access to personal data of asylum seekers. Click here to read more.

Missing Tunisian youths sought by families: The families of 504 missing Tunisian men are seeking the truth about what happened to their family members who disappeared in 2011 in a journey to Italy. Click here to read more.

Germany limits refugee family reunions from Greece: The German government has significantly cut back on family reunions for refugees arriving from Greece, local media reported. Germany has taken in over a million people and is facing "limited capacity." Click here to read more.

A doctor describes Libya's humanitarian crisis: Fighting continues in Libya, a country fragmented by a multitude of power centers. Since mid-2014, the humanitarian situation has deteriorated due to the resume of the civil war and the political instability. Dr. Tankred Stoebe, who works with Doctors Without Borders (MSF), spent the month of January in the country coordinating a medical assessment that took him from Misrata to Tripoli. He told us what he saw. Click here to read.

Legal ways of coming to Europe: With the 2015 refugee crisis exposing the perils of illegal immigrationn to Europe, more and more individuals are seeking to start a new life abroad. Read InfoMigrants' special on immigration visas. Click here.


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