This picture shows Akim Amado and Abdulai Mussa, from Benin and Niger. They are currently at the non-profit Asante Center in Palermo's Via Monfenera where they are learning how to make pizza thanks to a project promoted by the non-profit organization.

The two have been working every afternoon to learn how to make pizza. ''I like working here'', said Akim Amadò. ''I am learning lots of things and I love being a pizza chef.'' Akim practices with a plastic pizza to learn all the tricks of making a good dough.''It is truly a great trade,''added Abdulai Mussa.The project by the Asante center is carried out in cooperation with the pizza place Pizzeria Arte e Tradizione located in Palermo's Kalsa neighborhood. 

Pizza chef Giovanni Monforte said he is teaching the pair to give a helping hand. ''We are doing this for free,'' he said. ''It is a way of trying to help those in difficulty. Giving them the possibility of learning a trade seems to me like the best way of giving freedom to these kids who are very smart, keen and learn right away''.

The project will last three months and could continue.''We have opened our pizza place to these kids with great enthusiasm,'' said Carmelo Grigliè, who co-owns the pizzeria, stressing the importance of giving an opportunity to those who are less fortunate.

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