"I am a migrant" is a platform launched by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to allow migrants to tell their own stories in order to counter negative sterotypes. The aim of initiative is to show "the human face of migration."

The website has been "specifically designed to support volunteer groups, local authorities, companies, associations, groups, and anyone of goodwill who is concerned about the hostile public discourse against migrants". It allows the voices of individuals to shine through and provides an honest insight into the triumphs and tribulations of migrants of all backgrounds and at all phases of their migratory journeys. Anyone can post a story: migrants themselves, but also third parties who have gathered relevant testimony from migrants. 

Stories to connect 

Samad is originally from Afghanistan, but he now lives 1,316 km from home in Iran. "My family left for Iran when I was two or three years old, fleeing after years of physical and mental torture," he says. Abubakarr lives in the Netherlands nearly 7,000 km from his original home in Sierra Leone. "To me, home is a place where I feel safe and secure to express my feelings without fear of being captured and tortured," he says. The campaign, part of the UN TOGETHER initiative, uses the testimonials of migrants to connect people with the human stories of migration. Over 1,200 profiles have been published so far. "The anecdotes and memories shared on the platform help us understand what words such 'integration', 'multiculturalism' and 'diversity' truly mean".

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