31-year old Abdi fled the Al-Shabaab armed group in Somalia and then waited for some time in Libya. He eventually arrived in Italy thanks to some help from other migrants.

 Abdi Nasir is tall, thin and wears a Somalia football team jersey. ''From the time I was a child, I always played in my country,'' he said. Abdi, 31, arrived in Italy in December 2015 after leaving Somalia where he was working in a family-owned restaurant. 

There are many problems in Somalia now, but especially for the young men between age 20 and 30, due to Al-Shabaab. They tell you to join them and then kill you if you refuse. They plant bombs, kidnap women. They took my sister and at that point my father told me to leave, to flee to another country.

So Abdi left Somalia in search of security, a future and hope. ''I did not have money but many people helped me and took me from one city to another,'' he said. It took him months to cross Africa, going through Kenya, South Sudan, Sudan and then Libya, where 'there were 400 people in a room where we ate and slept. My family did not have money to give the traffickers and so when I arrived they made me stay for four days outside on a cot with my arms tied. Later they freed me and forced me to work, cleaning bathrooms and the room where everyone was staying. If you pay, you can eat even three times a day. If you don't, you eat once every two days. I waited for a year in Libya."

 Abdi said that other migrants had helped him. ''There were others from Somalia in that room and they had money. I was sick and I asked them for help. And so three people helped me to pay and I managed to leave for Italy,'' he added. In Italy "I am happy but I miss my family."

Abdi arrived in Europe by crossing the Mediterranean and spent 13 hours at sea before rescue services arrived. ''I don't remember where we landed. I stayed only two hours.I signed some documents and was transferred to Taranto, where I stayed for a year and five months. Later I was taken to Rome, where I have been living for two months,'' he said. Abdi has been granted refugee status, had ID papers and would like to study Italian and work here.
I came to Italy with many other people from Somalia but only 4 or 5 are still here. I like living here and I want to go to school and work. I thank Italy because it is helping refugees.'
Once he arrived in Europe, ''my problems ended, one year and six months ago. I would like to bring my family here''. In Somalia, Abdi left his wife, a 7-year-old daughter, his father and his mother. ''I miss all of them. I would like to go back to my country one day but I do not know when. For now, the important thing is that I stay here, for my family's sake. I am happy, now.''

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