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Today's news

Can we blame refugees for the migration crisis in Europe? Are refugees in Germany still welcome today and how are asylum seekers coping with life in Serbia? All this and more in today's news roundup.

Interview: The refugee crisis is a 'crisis of migration policy' : The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights is a body established by the European Union to help it respect human rights in its policies, in its laws, in its activities. InfoMigrants spoke to its director, Michael O'Flaherty, about the refugee crisis in Europe. Click here  to read more.

Refugees in Serbia show resilience:  British photographer Edward Crawford has been mapping the situation in refugee camps in Serbia for several months now. Jan Tomes talked to him about his images and impressions. Click here to see the picture gallery.

Refugees in Germany: Are they still welcome today?:  Two years ago, tens of thousands of refugees crossed the Austrian border into Germany. DW's Nina Haase and Sumi Somaskanda traveled to the border region and asked if the newcomers feel welcome today. Click here to read more.

Crisis in DR Congo worsens as death toll rises and refugees flee:  The UN estimates that more than 3,300 have been killed, and 1.3 million forced to flee violence since last August. Meanwhile, neighboring Angola has expelled 8,000 Congolese refugees seeking an escape from the violence. Click here to read more.


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