91 refugees were found hiding in a truck in Romania. Suicide attempts among refugees in Germany are rising and a Syrian refugee in Italy shares how a "humanitarian corridor" brought him to Europe. All this and more today's roundup.

91 refugees hidden in a truck in Romania: Romanian border police have found 91 migrants in a truck transporting automobile parts. Almost one third of them were children. The refugees from Syria and Iraq were headed for Western Europe. Click here to read more

Refugees and suicide: a growing problem in Germany: There have been more than 400 suicide attempts among refugees in Germany since 2014. InfoMigrants talked to some Syrian refugees who have contemplated ending their own lives. Click here to read more

Syrian refugee Abu Rabiah in Italy thanks to humanitarian corridors: Abu Rabiah fled Homs and the war with his family. He had a difficult life at a refugee camp in Lebanon and arrived in Italy thanks to humanitarian corridors. He is now an activist for peace. Click here to read more

Making a life in a new country: Firas Chaban is a Syrian refugee who’s trying to build a life for himself and his family in Berlin. It is hard to negotiate the bureaucracy, learn German and find work. And there is the worry about his people back home. Click here to watch the video



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