Pope Francis called for Europe to help migrants in a message sent to ANSA for InfoMigrants. The news portal for refugees is produced by European partners France Media Monde, Deutsche Welle and Italian news agency ANSA.

Pope Francis reiterated his appeal for a "culture of hospitality and solidarity" towards migrants in a message to InfoMigrants. He called for greater "integration" in "compliance with the laws of the countries" of arrival and expressed his proximity to all those who work in support of people fleeing from war, terrorism and hunger, bearing witness to the values "at the basis of European civilisation." 

The pontiff made the comments in a message to ANSA's Editor-in-Chief, Luigi Contu. He said that he learned "with pleasure" of the "important project," expressing his "sincere appreciation" as the European Union prepared to take important decisions concerning migrants.

"The presence of so many brothers and sisters who experience the tragedy of immigration is an opportunity for human growth, encounter and dialogue between cultures in view of the promotion of peace and fraternity among peoples," the pope said.
He has made the challenge of migration a central theme of his pontificate.

The pope added that he is "close in affection and encouragement to all those, institutions, associations and private individuals, who open themselves up wisely to the complex phenomenon of migration by offering appropriate support, bearing witness to those human and Christian values that are at the basis of the European civilisation." 

Francis' message to ANSA concerns the website launched in March with news and multimedia content in English, Arabic and French to inform migrants and prospective migrants about all aspects of the journey to Europe and life there once they have arrived. The website is jointly run by Italy's ANSA, France Media Monde and Germany's international broadcaster Deutsche Welle.


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