Refugees rescue NGOs in Germany have strongly refuted claims they were working with people smugglers to save migrants coming to Europe by sea. An InfoMigrants special tells the story of AfricanTide, an organization to help migrants and Iraqi refugees look forward to reuniting with their families. Read more in today's roundup.

How African migrants are turning the tide for refugees in Germany: There's hardly anyone more qualified to help migrants and refugees new to Germany than former newcomers themselves. This is the premise of AfricanTide, an organization that runs a refugee shelter and multiple programs for migrants and refugees in  Dortmund, Germany. Click here to read more.

Refugee rescue NGOs reject human trafficking charges: Germany and Austria's interior ministers have accused private initiatives to save refugees in the Mediterranean of intentionally working with people smugglers. The accusation has sparked outrage and may not even be true. Click here to read more.

More migrants land in Greece: The influx of undocumented refugees and migrants into Greece from neighboring Turkey continues with a total of 212 landing on the islands of the eastern Aegean in the last three days. Click here to read more.

Iraqi refugees seek family reunion in Germany:  The German consulate in Irbil is helping Iraqi refugees overcome bureaucratic obstacles on their way to rejoining family members in Germany. Judit Neurink reports from Irbil. Click here to read more.


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