The European Asylum Support Office (EASO) has started a new hotline in Rome to answer refugees' questions on relocation and family reunification programs in Europe.

The Rome branch of the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) has recently set up a hotline that can be reached either through the number +39 345 405 73 16 or the email address The initiative will enable migrants to get answers about relocation and family reunion procedures.

7,000 relocated from Italy

According to data released by the Italian interior ministry on July 14, around 7,621 people were relocated from Italy to other European countries, compared to around 40,000 that were to have been relocated by September this year. These included 678 minors., compared with 40,000 that were to have been relocated by September 2017. The main country accepting refugees from Italy were Germany - which took 3,026 - followed by Norway, Switzerland, Finland and the Netherlands.

The main nationalities included in the relocation program are Eritreans and Syrians and refugees from central Africa.

What is relocation?

The relocation program is an initiative of the European Agenda on Migration that includes temporary measures in the international protection sector to aid Italy and Greece. The process entails the relocation of those with clear need for international protection. 

Persons requesting international protection, who belong to nationalities (or are stateless) and whose chances for receiving protection are high, can be transferred to a member state in which their request will be examined. The transfers occur on the basis of quotas made available by the countries that are taking part in the program.

Countries taking in refugees are expected to identify refugges, photograph them and formally accept their request for protection.

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