refugee news
refugee news

Nearly 3,000 migrants have been detained in Egypt in 2017. Human Rights Watch has criticized Greece's way of dealing with unaccompanied minor refugees and immigrants in the US are striving to get citizenship. Read more in today's roundup.

Human Rights Watch criticizes Greece's handling of minors: Rights watchdog Human Rights Watch (HRW) has launched a critical attack on Greek authorities for mishandling the registration and housing of unaccompanied refugees under the age of 18 on the island of Lesbos. Click here to read more.

Hotline in Italy for asylum seeker relocation: The European Asylum Support Office (EASO) has started a new hotline in Rome to answer refugees' questions on relocation and family reunification programs in Europe. Click here  to read more.

3,000 irregular migrants detained in Egypt in 2017: Egyptian authorities detained approximately 3,000 irregular migrants in the first half of 2017 as part of efforts to fight illegal migration to Europe, but the officials have refused any EU backing to open detention centers. Click here to read more.

Immigrants strive for US passports out of fear of future: Immigrants in the US on temporary visas worry the Trump administration could send them home. New York's Nepalese community, in particular, now sees gaining citizenship as an urgent matter. Click here to read more.


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