News roundup
News roundup

Refugees on the Greek island of Samos are living in camps with little prospects of education or employment. Human smugglers have drowned migrants in Yemen on purpose and the German Christian Democratic Union supports a plan to send rejected asylum seekers back to Afghanistan.

Greece: refugees living in limbo: Since the closure of the Balkan route, many refugees who arrived on the shores of Greece are trapped in overcrowded camps without any prospects. A report from Fabian Pianka, who visited the Greek hotspot in Samos. Click here to read more.

Ethiopian, Somali migrants forced into sea off Yemen:  More than 50 Ethiopians and Somalis are feared drowned off Yemen, allegedly after smugglers forced them to jump ship. It's the second such incident reported in two days; the first claimed at least 50 lives. Click here to read more.

German CDU party members laud return of rejected asylum seekers to Afghanistan: Germany will continue to deport certain applicants home to Afghanistan if they are rejected for asylum. Members of Chancellor Angela Merkel's right-wing Christian Democratic Union support the plan, German media report. Click here to read more.

Which NGOs have signed the Italian code of conduct?: The code of conduct promoted by the Italian interior ministry for NGOs carrying out migrant rescue operations in the Mediterranean has divided organizations. Click here to read more.


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