A German court has convicted three Syrian migrant smugglers to several years imprisonment. German cities have set up Ombudsman offices for refugees to file complaints and Arab refugees share their culture with Germans at a meeting place in Berlin. All this and more in today's roundup

German court sentences three migrant smugglers:A district court in Germany has convicted three Syrian smugglers to several years imprisonment. The trial centered on the deaths of 13 refugees in the Mediterranean. Click here to read more

Ombudspersons in German cities cater exclusively to refugee complaints: Refugees and volunteers working in asylum shelters often face violence, sexual assaults and discrimination. Several German cities have set up ombudsmen offices where victims can register complaints. Click here to read more

Cultural space for refugees and Germans in Berlin: At the "Between Us" center in the German capital, refugees can meet and share their culture from home with local Germans. It offers Arabic poetry, Middle Eastern music and art exhibitions. It's an initiative by architecture students and asylum seekers. Click here to read more

German foreign minister visits South Sudan refugees in Uganda: Nearly 1 million refugees from South Sudan have now crossed the border to Uganda. Kampala is hoping for more support from Germany after Sigmar Gabriel, Germany's top diplomat, visited the refugees. Click here to read more

Ali, a young refugee fighting in Syria: Ali is one of several Syrian refugees in Jordan who were forcibly repatriated to war-torn areas and had to join armed groups to survive, according to the Mixed Migration Platform (MMP), an NGO that provides migration-related information. Click here to read more


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