Refugee news
Refugee news

Refugees learn how to code in Jordan. InfoMigrants releases a new documentary aboard the migrant rescue ship, Aquarius and the head of the German Social Democratic Party outlines his vision for integration in Germany.

Refugee Code Week: a chance for young people: Young people in refugee camps are being given the chance to learn computer programming. The annual Refugee Code Week aims to empower them. DW went to Jordan to find out how much of a leg-up to a better future the program offers refugees. Click here to watch the video.

Web documentary: rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean: InfoMigrants reporters Charlotte Boitiaux and Boualem Rhoubachi spent ten days on board the rescue vessel Aquarius in the Mediterranean Sea. The ship is run by the non-governmental organization SOS Mediterranee and started operating in early 2016. Click here to watch the documentary.

SPD's Martin Schulz outlines new vision for integration in Germany: The Social Democrats' leader has warned of the "fatal mistake" of mixing the debate on integration with security policy. Weeks ahead of key elections, the SPD has tried to distance themselves from Angela Merkel's CDU. Click here to read more.

Fact check: How can refugees in Germany access health care?: In this latest edition of Fact Check, we tell you about medical services for asylum seekers in Germany. Click here to check out the video.


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