Image from the cover of the book "Aya's story: Fleeing from Syria for Love " Copyright: ansa
Image from the cover of the book "Aya's story: Fleeing from Syria for Love " Copyright: ansa

Fadi fell in love with Aya after he saw her in a wedding video. He was living in Sweden, but as it turned out, getting Aya to relocate was much more difficult than he thought.

This is the story of a love, a personal dilemma, with civil war as its backdrop. It is also a story about Europe - its problem in understanding and its bureaucracy.  The story is now being told through the Italian book, "Aya's Story: Fleeing from Syria for Love" by Marinella Fiaschi and Maurizio Quilici.

The protagonists are Fadi and Aya, two young Syrians who fell in love across the distance and almost by chance. Fadi was living in Sweden and saw Aya in the background of a video of a wedding in Latakia, Syria, where she was living.

Aya discovered at a certain point that she had a tumor in her foot and was at risk for an amputation. That's when Fadi decided to marry her and bring her to Sweden. After a series of ordeals, they managed to meet in Beirut, get married and fly back to Sweden from there, with a planned layover in Rome to celebrate a mini-honeymoon. 

But when they reached Rome, Fadi was stopped and arrested for undocumented migration and Aya was sent back to Turkey. 

An Italian couple helps them reunite

At that point, Marinella and Maurizio - the authors of the book - came into the couple's life, almost by chance. Together with institutions and figures such as Italian Senator Luigi Manconi, they looked for a solution.Now the couple is telling their story through the book, sharing the difficulties they encountered.

Their efforts led them to the two Italians.Marinella and Maurizio, who provided concrete assistance to help Fadi and Aya reunite and also hosted the couple at their home for months. They took up a collection for Aya's operation, in a fundraising chain that connected people from Switzerland to Sicily and raised more than 5,000 euros.

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