Clashes erupted in Rome today as police evicted refugee squatters from a central square. A Green politician in Germany says there are limits to integration and Italy sends first aid kits to Libyan authorities to distribute to migrants. This and more in today's news roundup.

Clashes in Rome: Clashes erupted after police intervened at Piazza Independenza in Rome to evacuate migrants occupying the square. Police used water cannons and batons. The eviction raised a sea of political controversy. A chronology.
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Italian ministries send first aid kits to Libya: The Italian ambassador to Libya Giuseppe Perrone and defense attache Captain Patrizio Rapalino on Wednesday gave 5,000 hygiene and first aid kits to the mayor of the Libyan city Zuwarah. Libyan authorities had requested the material to be handed out to migrants. Click here to read more.

Refugees in Germany: 'We won't be able to integrate everyone': Green politician and Tübingen Mayor Boris Palmer takes a contentious stand on refugees in his new book, saying Germany won't be able to help everyone. He tells DW why fears of the German public should not be dismissed. Click here to read more.

Stuck on the Swiss border: photo book 'Confine' documents migrants' reality: The crowdfunded photo-book project "Confine" tells the story of the migrant emergency in Como in 2016 and serves as a reminder of how the situation of migrants between the Italian and Swiss borders is both tangible and current. Click here to read more.

Sewing for integration: '"Belmondo Bags" is a tailoring shop whose goal is to give an opportunity for integration and raise awareness among the city's residents. It came about in a center for asylum-seekers and refugees in a small town in southern Italy. Click here to read more.


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