Hungary wants the EU to pay for its border wall. In Rome, a migrant is injured in clashes between residents and migrants. And in Ventimiglia, there's a feeling of disillusionment for hundreds of refugees wishing to cross into France. This and more in today's roundup.

Hungary's Viktor Orban sends EU a border fence bill: Hungary has asked the EU to foot half the bill for fences erected to keep migrants out of the bloc. The conservative government's request comes just days before a court ruling on Hungary's rejection of EU migrant quotas. Click here to read more. 

Ventimiglia: a bottleneck for migrants: Anti-migrant sentiment has been rising in the Italian town of Ventimiglia. Hundreds of migrants in the hopes of crossing into France remain stuck there, and the local population feels encroached upon. Like many other EU border towns, Ventimiglia is a place where many migrants’ hopes get shattered. Click here to read more.

Tensions between migrants and Rome residents, Eritrean injured: Tensions have risen between Rome residents and migrants in the outskirts of the Italian capital. Alleged fighting between an Eritrean youth and local children led to some of the area residents going to the center housing migrants to punish him. An Eritrean youth was stabbed during the clashes. Click here to read more.

Thousands of migrant children lack legal aid in UK: Thousands of unaccompanied foreign children do not have access to legal assistance in the United Kingdom, according to The Children's Society, which has asked the government for greater protection for migrant children. Click here to read more.

Migrants trapped in the Serbian cul-de-sac: Over the last two years, Serbia has seen tens of thousands of migrants passing through the country. After Hungary and Croatia closed their borders, Belgrade has had to become better organized to welcome them, whilst hoping that the situation is only temporary. Click here to read more.

North Africa 'only a prison for the young', says writer Lakhous: The Algerian writer Amara Lakhous, who has been living in Italy for 22 years, feels migrating is the last hope for North African youths to achieve their dreams of a better life. He added that it is a form of protest against corruption in their countries, which they see as a large prison. Click here to read more.


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