The story of the journey of M., a poet teenager who fled from Eritrea, and his experience of migration has been depicted in a video produced by the European Asylum Support Office (EASO). The aim is to invite other asylum seekers to enter the European relocation programme.

"Where can I live a better life, Here on Earth, Or in Paradise?" This is the question posed by M., the poet teenager from Eritrea whose testimony is contained in a video produced by European Asylum Support Office (EASO) to publicise and support the European relocation programme. The 16-year-old fled from Eritrea in November 2014 and lives in Germany now.

"I decided to flee my country because there was no freedom, no democracy," says M. in the video. He arrived in Italy in November 2016 and opted to enter the programme for relocation to another EU country. "EASO informed me in March 2017 that I will be relocated," he explains.

Destination country: Germany

"I'm very happy about this, mainly because it was my country of preference," he says in the video, which was filmed three days before his departure from Italy, adding, "I want to study and get the necessary skills, allowing me to find a good job later."

"I remember all the past, Falling down from my eyes, Washing my cheeks. My tears," read other verses by the young poet.

"Our experts have been with the children since the beginning of their arrival and they have been counseling on the relocation program and assisting them during the whole procedure", explains Gabriel Stanescu, EASO plan coordinator for Italy. 

The teenager uses his story to appeal to his migrant brothers and sisters: "Don't go by yourself, Join the EU Relocation Progamme, choose the legal way," he says.


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